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Novel update. I'm actually liking how this one is turning out.

There are no normal people anymore. They were a thing of the Old Time. Now, there are Astrum. They have special powers. Astrum are classified by their powers. The main girl, Elena, is a Chroma, which means she can change the color of anything on her body (like her skin or hair). They can also turn invisible (chameleon-like). The main guy, Jarrett, is a Mavro. They are basically like your typical Superman, with strength or speed beyond anything anyone has ever seen. One day, these two are captured and sent to a building in the woods. Here, they meet a creepy guy that basically tells them he's going to test on them. You see, he wants to figure out a way to combine powers. That way, both Elena and Jarrett will be both Chroma and Mavro, and so will their kids. But sometimes, good things don't always appear to be what they are. 

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Ambivalent Arbor

I had to. I had to make a book/writing livejournal. I'm getting more into my writing, and reading as become a huge hobby of mine. So this is a place I can rant/rave about a book I'm reading, or ask questions when I get stuck, or post snippets of my writing. You can add me as a friend if you'd like, but it's fine if you don't. Enjoy!

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